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Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation

In every major conflict of the 20th and 21stcenturies, military aviators have played a key role in helping to secure the interests of our nation. The job of a military aviator is a demanding one, requiring great skill, courage, and integrity. They fly in all conditions and at any time of the day, performing a diverse range of tasks including transport, search and rescue operations, and combat operations. Troops on the ground and ships at sea depend on our aviation units to support and defend them.

Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation was established to support the military aviation community, providing assistance to veterans and their families, and helping to ensure recognition of the important contribution aviators and aircrew members make to the defense of our nation.

Far too often veterans and their families do not receive the support and recognition they deserve for the incredible risks they have taken in performing their duty. Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation is directly involved in rectifying this oversight.  

Proceeds from every watch sold will go directly to the Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation.


PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING. These are made-to-order watches, so they take time to make and ship.