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Type 1 Racing

PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING. These are made-to-order watches, so they take time to make and ship. 

Type1Racing's mission is to reach out to people living with diabetes, raise awareness of diabetes and bring educational information to the public through the sport of motocross. We also offer athletic opportunities & training to assist in our goals by sponsoring riders educated in care and managment of type 1 diabetes. We will continue organizing "MX for a Cure...Bringing the HOPE", which we hope to make a part of the motocross racing series community throughout the country to help with finding a cure for diabetes. We are establishing a long time dream program 'Bringing the Hope' to provide further help and assistance to people living with diabetes and their families in times of medical need. Visit for more. Proceeds from rash Type 1 Racing watch sold will go directly back to Type 1 Racing to help find a cure for T1D.